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Who we are

The Center for Environmental Concerns (CEC) is a non-government organization founded through the initiatives of organizations representing fisherfolk, farmers, indigenous peoples, women, urban poor, and professional sectors.

Currently, the Center is a service institution based in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Its area of operation and networking covers the entire Philippines and different ecological contexts.

At the grassroots level, CEC closely works with communities and organizations nationwide, supporting their initiatives to nurture their ecosystems, defend their common access to natural resources, and eventually improve their living and working conditions in the context of a balanced and healthy environment.

At the national level, CEC advocates for people-oriented, patriotic, sustainable, and scientific policies and programs for the protection of the Philippine environment.

At the global level, CEC engages in information sharing, international networking, cross-cultural exchanges, and solidarity initiatives on common environmental issues and concerns.


CEC was born in 1989, in the larger context of a global environmental crisis and concerted NGO efforts to raise the issue of ecological protection as an international agenda. It started out by studying the depth and scale of Philippine environmental problems and issues and by conducting basic grassroots education activities among affected communities.

In the 1990s, our mandate and expertise expanded to initiating non-formal adult environmental education programs, engaging in field research, and providing technical and scientific support services to communities.

In the span of two decades, CEC has developed a systematic environmental education and training programs which can be easily adapted to specific socio-economic and ecological contexts. It has undertaken rural-based and community-centered adult education programs, conducted investigative studies on both local and national environmental issues, and produced written and audio-visual educational and informational materials. It has also maximized opportunities to educate the general public on pressing environmental issues through information and mass media campaigns.


Our Vision: A just, free, democratic, and prosperous society that considers the regenerative capacity and sustainability of resources and promotes and develops a balanced ecosystem through the proper use of resources, the utilization of ecologically sound and appropriate technology, and through the mobilization of the masses in all aspects of societal development, including scientific and technological research and development, and environmental protection and rehabilitation.

Our Mission: Together with the people’s movement, the Center for Environmental Concerns envisions a strong environmental movement that asserts and gains reforms in the Philippine environmental situation, and advances pro-people, patriotic, progressive, and scientific environmental policies.

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