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Education Program

Education is a lifelong and life-deep process. CEC supports adult learners from marginalized and ecologically-critical communities by developing and providing environmental education courses and training adult educators at the grassroots level.

Educating grassroots and sectoral organizations

CEC believes in learning and education for change. Shaped by a process of continuous and progressive contextualization since 1990, CEC's environmental education curriculum is aimed at helping people cultivate ecological awareness, honing the practice of critical and scientific thought and translating advocacy into action.




CEC's learners' modules fall under three sets:

  • Basic Environmental Awareness to Action Courses
  • Specialized Environmental Courses
  • Environmental Action and Organizational Development Course

CEC's environmental education curriculum includes the following courses:

Creating regional initiatives in climate change education

CEC supports regional efforts for environmental education focusing on global warming and its effects on grassroots communities and developoing countries. By co-organizing initiatives such as trainings, networking, and research work with other organizations in the Asia-Pacific, we hope to enhance the existing capacities of trainers, facilitators and educators to help build grassroots organizations and movements that will actively engage on the issue of climate change.