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CEC pursues awareness and advocacy through various strategies: conferences and workshops, information and educational materials production, audio-visual productions, mobilizations and issue campaigns, cultural events and media work. This advocacy is supported by environmental and scientific studies which have served as useful references for communities, academics, advocates, and policy-makers.

Policy research, monitoring, and lobbying

Over the years, CEC’s research program has come up with studies which have served as useful references for communities, academics, advocates, and policy-makers. These include:

  • Advocacy Research
  • Policy Research and Review
  • Modular Researches
  • Public information and awareness

CEC strives to bring people's and environmental issues to a wider public through various strategies: sectoral conferences, consultationes and fora on environmental concerns, production and dissemination of publications and other Information, Education, and Campaign (IEC) materials, and popularization of issues through mass and alternative media institutions.

A special project launched by CEC is the Gawad Bayani ng Kalikasan (GBK), an awards event and lecture series aiming to recognize and learn from the efforts of valiant individuals and organizations who have defended the environment and people's welfare.

Nurturing cultural initiatives for the environment

CEC recognizes the power of art and culture to build and deepen public understanding and dialogue on environmental issues. To nurture this, we have supported various cultural initiatives such as green songwriting workshops and music album production, photography exhibits, and arts projects for advocacy and public awareness.

Networking and alliance building

CEC actively forges partnerships and linkages with other experts, volunteers, networks, and organizations engaged in the defense of the environment and the people’s welfare. CEC also maintains links with other networks supporting worthwhile advocacies, such as the right to learning and education, exercise of civil, political, and human rights, economic, cultural, and social rights, and good governance. We extend our solidarity with the global community through joint activities, cross-country campaigns, internationally-coordinated actions, conferences, and environmental study tours.