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Mine Waste Landform Management and Closure Declaration
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 18:00

We, representatives of communities, civil society organizations, academe and government agencies, all attendees of the Mine Waste Landform Management and Closure Workshop, held in Quezon City on February 24 to 26,

Having come together to improve the understanding of the practices that need to be implemented to prevent further significant environmental incidents in the Philippine’s mining industry, and

Having learned so much on tailings and mine waste management, including climate and geological hazards, landform and geochemical risks, state of Philippine mining laws, and proper mine closure, commit to the following:
• promoting and pursing the world-class best practice aplication of environmental management for the Philippines, particularly in relation to tailings storage facilities;

• calling on the mining industry to make the same commitments and actualize this;

• call for urgent rehabilitation of compromised and unstable mine tailings facilities to effectively prevent further mine disasters;

• promote national legislation and policies that will ensure proper handling and management of mine wastes;

• ensuring transparency in their operations to allow people’s access to information and participation on matters relevant to their safety, security and well being.

We herewith affirm that the geographical and environmental uniqueness of the Philippines requires new and innovative methods to manage and mitigate environmental impacts, and if the mining industry cannot provide these then projects should not be allowed to proceed.