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Solid Waste Management in Barangay Tunkong Mangga

The Center for Environmental Concerns - Philippines (CEC) has begun a program to help improve Solid Waste Management in Barangay Tunkgong Mangga, City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. CEC has been working closely with barangay officials to implement the program. The program will try to tackle the management of solid waste by characterizing and quantifying the waste streams generated in the community and then exploring opportunities for waste minimization.

CEC hopes to achieve these goals through various public workshops and information sessions which will both educate the community and allow CEC to gather data on waste issues. Waste auditing will be used to further characterize and identify key wastes for minimization. This should provide the background information required to help implement waste minimization strategies.

One of the first steps in this program was a presentation and workshop activity held at the Barangay meeting on October 12, 2013. CEC staff presented a short video and slideshow on waste issues, and then facilitated a workshop activity to gain information on the current issues experienced during waste management processes in Tunkong Mangga.