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CEC Delivers Coastal Marine Resources Training in Santa Cruz, Zambales

In March 2014, CEC returned to Santa Cruz as part of on-going education, training and advocacy work in Zambales province.

Over the course of one week, the Education and Training and Community Services Units of CEC delivered coastal marine resources training to more than 400 students at Santa Cruz National High School. In delivering marine modules to students, CEC hopes to enable marginalised coastal communities to see the ocean in a different light.

The three modules, developed by CEC with the support of marine biologist Ms Maddie Davey, covered content on:

  • Coral Reef Ecosystem;
  • Climate Change and Ocean; and
  • National Situation of the Philippine Sea.

Students from Santa Cruz National High School appreciated the interactive and engaging nature of the lessons. Through showing students what is ‘under the surface’ - something they may not have seen nor been taught previously, CEC hopes that the concept of ecosystem protection and synergistic environmental protection is realised.

During their time at Santa Cruz National High School, CEC staff were invited to celebrate the school’s 20th Foundation Anniversary. CEC is honoured to have taken part in the anniversary celebrations and looks forward to continuing a strong and productive relationship with Santa Cruz National High School.

CEC intends to return to Zambales in mid-2014 to conduct further training sessions in schools as well as extend training sessions throughout the community, including government officials and Peoples Organizations. The involvement of both People’s Organizations and government representatives in the training course is envisaged to lay the groundwork for collaborative and sustainable environmental efforts to create more resilient communities. CEC hopes that by educating communities, people will feel empowered and gain a sense of ownership over the marine ecosystem with which they interact with daily.