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Paralegal trainings on environmental laws

In response to the need to level off on existing Philippine environmental legislation, CEC-Phils organized a Paralegal Training on Environmental Laws from September 5 to 6 at the Pranjetto Hills Hotel and Conference Center in Rizal province.

Resource speaker was Atty. Ingrid Gorre of the Legal Resources Center-KSK. Participants were CEC staff and representatives of regional partners.

The training was an introductory course into the General Framework for Philippine Environmental Laws and delved into the provisions of General and Specific Environmental Laws. It also featured a Special Skills Training session and case study workshop.

The training was replicated by Bicol-based CEC partner UMALPAS KA last September 26 to 27 at the St. Agnes Academy in Legaspi City. Main resource speaker for this training was was Sr. Cristine Pinto, OSB, a Missionary of Benedictine Sister and a Political Science graduate of the University of the Philippines.

The training featured specific environmental issue case studies and legal strategizing workshops for problems related to large-scale mining and cement factory pollution in Camalig, Albay.