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Feedback is CEC’s regular newsletter in English. Featuring the latest news on Philippine environmental issues and the Center's education, advocacy, and linkage work, it is circulated to our partner organizations, communities, and networks.

November Issue

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Feedback 2007 January-March

January-March 2007

  •     Editorial: Revisiting Mining
  •     Mining Unlimited: Examining Arroyo's Minerals Industry Revitalization Program
  •     Money Trail: Mapping Out the Role of IFIs in the Mining Sector
  •     The Cha-Cha Move: Arroyo's Dirty Dance and the Environment
  •     Broad environmental alliance rejects GMA's 'recycled' Cha-Cha schemes
  •     Poetry: Many friends asked me to describe where I've been


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Feedback 2006 October-December

October-December 2006 Issue

  •     Editorial: Tricks of the Trade
  •     Stink Republic: Probing the Philippine Solid Waste Management System
  •     When Trade Becomes Toxic: Probing the Agenda Behind JPEPA
  •     In Memoriam: Environmental Activist, People's Scientist, Dr. Aloysius Baes
  •     Murdered: Atty. Gij Gojol
  •     POPs: Knowing the Danger
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Feedback 2006 July-October

July-October 2006 Issue


  •     Editorial: There is No Escape
  •     The Last Frontier: The Philippines, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity
  •     Saving Paradise: The Rapu-Rapu Struggle for Land and National Patrimony
  •     Perils and Hopes: The Petron Oil Spill in Focus
  •     Towards a Pro-People Program for the Water Resources: Critique of GMA's Medium Term Development Plan
  •     Assessing Oil Spills
  •     Save Our Lives, Save Our Seas: A Declaration of Unity


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