Volunteer: Reflections

Cordillera Day – My reflections

On Monday afternoon, we arrived at Quirino, Ilocos Sur. This first community who used to live in a prosperous area told us that their river has been so polluted that all the fishes died. In some areas it is even not possible to cultivate the lands anymore. All of these problems are due to mining wastes coming from upstream locations. Even worst is that just next to the barangay a processing plant run by the major is releasing polluted water into the river. In these conditions what is the future of this community? Read more

Collective action is the real solution

On the first day, my task was to call sponsors for Gawad Bayani ng Kalikasan. It was my first time and I was overwhelmed. The feeling when you are anticipating what kind of person would answer your call was really nerve- breaking. I also learned how to fax and on those moments, I learned to value the secretaries and call centers so much because it‘s not easy an easy task. Those activity taught me skills that I could use when looking for jobs. Read more

Revolutionize environmental advocacy

I used to always call myself an "environmentalist" claiming that I uphold the 3R principle with all my heart. After my time at CEC though, I felt somewhat ashamed that I really thought reusing, reducing and recycling would change the world. It is true that those three practices are important and should be kept, but it should not go alone. Genuine action should always accompany it. Read more

What is waiting for me outside college

Being part of CEC brought me and my group mates knowledge not only on how to work in the office but also on the environmental situations here in the Philippines and how it affects us. Being assigned to different tasks gave us an overview to the future tasks we might engage to and ideas on how to handle this kind of situations. Read more

Nakakita ako ng isang pamilya

Noong gabing natanggap ko ang text ni Frinces, na finorward mula kay Prof. Ramota, na nagsasabing pumayag na ang organisasyon kung saan kami na-assign, nagulat ako. Read more

The Water Connection

The Asia-Pacific Youth Water Forum 2012 aimed to do just that, and was held July 23-27 at Suwon City, South Korea. It gathered representatives from ten different countries namely Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Read more

Five days in SoKor for the environment

The official start of the program was on Tuesday, July 24, but there was a special event for foreign students. The program was about the culture of the Korean people; we learned some of their rituals and even wore their traditional clothes. We didn’t feel the passing of time in Korea because during summer in their country, the sun is still up even if it’s already 7 PM. Read more

Nine days to fulfillment at CEC

Immah Concepcion Santos*The author (on the left) is a Political Science student from the University of the Philippines-Manila. Read more

Give it a Face

Only two percent of old-growth Philippine forests are left. Thousands of squatters will be displaced and lose their homes. Typhoons destroy thousands of houses. Logging destroys millions of hectares in the Amazonian rain forests. Increasing carbon dioxide emissions threaten the global climate. Every six seconds, a child dies of hunger. Every week, another endangered species vanishes. Read more

Friendship and knowing: What I learned in the Philippines

To answer these questions, I have studied environmental engineering and development studies in both Japan and the UK. I also have joined an environmental youth group but I could not find a satisfactory answer. After these experiences, I decided to go to the Philippines to get involved in the front line of environmental issues and poverty. Read more

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