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Collective action is the real solution

Frinces G. Geroche

It was January this year when Sir Carl Ramota assigned us to be practicumers in CEC. Being assigned in CEC is appropriate in my personality. I’ve always been a supporter of the environment since high school. I’ve grown up in a place where the environment is not much appreciated.

On the first day, my task was to call sponsors for Gawad Bayani ng Kalikasan. It was my first time and I was overwhelmed. The feeling when you are anticipating what kind of person would answer your call was really nerve- breaking. I also learned how to fax and on those moments, I learned to value the secretaries and call centers so much because it‘s not easy an easy task. Those activity taught me skills that I could use when looking for jobs.

I, together with Martha, was assigned to give fliers of the forum about Tubbataha in UP Diliman. Since that time, I never ignore any promodizers anymore.

Most importantly, I knew the real worth of our environment. I learned things regarding the nature. I realized that overflowing garbage and improper waste management are not the root and only envi problems in the Philippines. It is the government system, the imperialists, the worsening condition of our natural resources and the abused and neglected indigenous people.

All this problems will not be resolved by the mere 3R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. These small acts will never be enough because the main source of all these evil and hypocrisies are the greedy capitalists, the rotten government system and their “symbiotic” relationship.

With all of these, collective action is the real solution.