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Nine days to fulfillment at CEC

Immah Concepcion Santos
*The author (on the left) is a Political Science student from the University of the Philippines-Manila.

My whole stay at Center for Environmental Concerns-Philippines as a student intern was both productive and fulfilling. I have learned a lot of things that made me realize how important non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are. They fill in the gaps that government agencies leave, and more importantly, they build organizational networks to systemize different people with the same concerns, and help them deal with the issues that they face. I really appreciated what CEC does because even though it relies on donations and contributions to operate; its intention of saving our environment is really genuine.

I stayed at CEC for only nine days, but I must say, I learned a lot through the educational discussions that we had. I found the topics unusual, but interesting. What we had for our discussions were not the typical topics that I expected; and as a result, a lot of things have been added to my knowledge. The subjects of our discussion were some things that I do not care about before (like seagrasses); but because of our educational discussions I became aware of their value. Additionally, we also did a little research about the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004. I had never done a policy research before, and with the help of CEC, I was taught how to make one.

One of the most important thoughts that came up to my mind during my internship was: sometimes, the value of the things we do not care about exceed the value of things that we care about. As such, we should not be insensitive and care about those things, because sometimes, those things may bring benefits that we might also want.

Moving on with the serious part, my stay at CEC was also enjoyable because I met a lot of fun and intelligent people. I am actually not a very sociable person, but with a lot of very friendly and hospitable people around me, I became one. I will never forget my nine-day internship at CEC, because it is productive, fun, and fulfilling.