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Revolutionize environmental advocacy

Roseann Jonamae Rodriguez

I used to always call myself an "environmentalist" claiming that I uphold the 3R principle with all my heart. After my time at CEC though, I felt somewhat ashamed that I really thought reusing, reducing and recycling would change the world. It is true that those three practices are important and should be kept, but it should not go alone. Genuine action should always accompany it.

It was January when we first arrived at CEC's main office. We were booming with curiosity as we did not know what our tasks would be. I was pretty anxious myself but then, several smiling faces came upon us. They kept asking if we wanted water and I always thought "what magic does the water have?" It also caught my attention that they put water in used wine bottles without lids. No. 26 Matulungin St. sure has many unusual (in a good way) things inside it but my personal favorite would be: the "kubo". It is located at the backyard and when you're inside, it feels like you're in the province. The air is so fresh, the green of the leaves is so refreshing; it's a glimpse of the future of the environment we aspire for.

My first task, together with Mary was to write articles for Kalikasan to be aired on their radio program. I felt fulfilled that my work would be broadcast in a radio show. My next few tasks mostly revolved around encoding contacts and assessment papers of events. They also planted trees which, unfortunately, I missed.

CEC has taught me many things, from the current situation of the Philippine environment to the deceptive laws and executive orders the government is implementing. It showed me that the numerous problems we are now facing should not be solved without the guidance and involvement of the people. CEC made me realize that my personal choices today can greatly affect the world tomorrow.