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What is waiting for me outside college

Martha Jasmine D. Bartilad

To tell the truth, I don’t have any clear idea on what to expect of this assignment to us for our NSTP program. It was also pretty late to deploy us thus giving us limited time to adapt ourselves in the offices we are assigned to. Yet being assigned to CEC proved me wrong.

Being part of CEC brought me and my group mates knowledge not only on how to work in the office but also on the environmental situations here in the Philippines and how it affects us. Being assigned to different tasks gave us an overview to the future tasks we might engage to and ideas on how to handle this kind of situations.

Encoding, calling for sponsors and going to fairs to endorse the organization, that was only a few things we had done in this organization. Now I know how it felt like being the people I had never given a thought. We even had some sponsors who are unapproachable judging to the tone of his/her voice. I had also been given the chance to promote CEC in one of the fairs in UP Diliman. Even though I had thought that giving fliers was an easy task, it really was not.

It was not only office works and promotions in this organization. CEC had also taught many different things regarding the environment, its problems and how it affects us. Although I had thought I already knew what is happening to the Philippine environment, it turns out that there is more to it than that. CEC made me more aware from what I ever was. From the history of our resources and how it was exploited by other countries, to the current situations of different sectors there are many things I had never given a second thought.

Issues about mining, reclamations to different parts of the country and the damage to the Tubbataha reef was a few of the recent environmental issues of the country. After being part of this organization it gave me upper hand information which I could consider as more reliable than those that can be found in the media.

Being part of this organization has its perks and advantages for us the students that had been deployed here. It is too many that it is not enough to be put in this piece of paper. Now that I have a clear idea on what is waiting for me outside the college I know what to expect and what to do in the future.