Planning for emergencies, mitigating impacts and casualties

Contingency Planning was introduced to the Disaster Preparedness Committee of women’s organization Hugpong Kababaihan together with representatives from vulnerable sectors- senior citizens, PWD and youth. Contingency Planning is a process of developing an action plan that will guide the community in times of emergency or disaster. Moreover, it is a community plan that outlines actions performed by residents to prepare for critical situations and measures to take after a disaster hit the barangay.

COntingency planning session

Vulnerable sectors such as people with disabilities were represented in the contingency planning.

Contingency Planning sessions were held in three barangays of Estancia, Iloilo in August 2015. Hazard-specific contingency plans were produced from the sessions. The plans will be shared to local government units and local disaster risk reduction offices to coordinate the plans of the Disaster Preparedness Committee with other disaster action plans in the municipality. The proposed measures in the contingency plans will be put into action during the community disaster drill. In preparation for the community disaster drill, a series of community discussions were held to inform the residents of the barangays about the contingency plan and the drill.



Western Visayas


Photo from Eastern Visayas Team: Agricultural engineer Ronald Garcia of AGHAM (Advocates of Science and Technology for the People) and members of ASFA’s Livelihood Committee dug soil samples for analysis to determine soil composition and fertility, among